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Implemented Moderator Function - Lock Item


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I would like a Moderator Function "Lock item" that works similar to the Moderator Function "Lock thread".

The purpose of locking an item is to prevent further edits being made by item contributors (Owner, Co-Owner, Contributors).
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Moderators with permission to edit any item, can now lock (and unlock) an item.


When an item is locked, the following functions are disabled for Item Owner, Co-Owners and Contributors (unless they are moderators themselves).
  • Edit|Delete Item
  • Change Item Dates
  • Set Cover Image
  • Lock/Unlock Update Replies
  • Lock/Unlock Comments
  • Lock/Unlock Ratings
  • Create|Edit|Delete poll
  • Add|Edit|Delete Update
  • Add|Edit|Delete Page
  • Manage Pages
  • Add to Series
  • Edit Tags
Important Note: Locking an item does NOT lock update replies, comments or ratings. Those have separate lock functions. You might want to lock the item from being edited, but not prevent people from replying to updates, posting comments or leaving ratings/reviews.

I've added warning information to the confirmation overlay so that moderators can see the effects of locking an item has (this is a phrase, so you can edit it however you want to) .