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As Designed Event Close Date Earlier than Open Date

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Are there supposed to be any checks for the event Close Date?

Right now, I can create an event with a close date prior to the open date, create outcomes for it, change its status from "pending" to "open", and place bets on the outcomes although the close date has already past.

Does a cron update fix these, or is this as designed?
CRON will close that event when it runs. By default, CRON runs every 5 minutes. You can increase that if you want to, but 5 minutes is ample checking time IMO. Its not a BUG, its as designed.
If you want, I can add a preSave check to the Event DataWriter to not allow you to change an event status to OPEN if the Close date is in the past. I don't THINK that would cause other problems.. will test tho. At least that would prevent the above from even happening lol
It's not a big deal, but I guess a condition could exist where an event is technically closed, and somebody could place a bet on it?

Your fix would work, or put a check in with the close date when the event is displayed, to change it to "awaiting settlement", or when a wager is placed on it?
I've added in a bunch of new date/time validation stuff tonight to prevent certain things from happening because of WEB CRON not being the most effective time management tool.
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