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Newbie question about event open/close date


Hi Bob,

Apologies for the newbie question but when creating an event I'm given the option to set the "Event open date" and "Event close date". Having that said, let's say that on Dec 1 @ 13:00 there is a football event between "Manchester United and Bayern Munich", which one is correct?

Option A
Event open date: Dec 1, 13:00 (start of the match)
Event close date: Dec 1, 14:45 (end of the match)

Option B
Event open date: Nov 26, 14:08 (current date/time)
Event close date: Dec 1, 12:59 (immediately before the match starts)

Normally, when you create an event, you would set the OPEN date to NOW and the Close Date would be the date/time that the Event Starts (as you don't want to have people placing wagers once an event starts).

The reason for having an OPEN date is so that you can create an Event, set the Event Status to CLOSED and the OPEN date to a Date in the FUTURE so that the Event will Auto Open on that Date/Time.

In MOST cases the Close Date (which is closing the wagering) should be set at the Start of the Event (like kickoff). There are cases where you don't want to close the event (like MMA for example). In those cases, you would keep the Event open and then use the lock dates on individual outcomes to close wagering right before each individual fight.