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Updated Add Updated date to Event Page


Hi Bob,

When viewing an event, if you edit an odd, next to the odd's date you'll see " · Updated x minutes ago"

However, when you edit an event (let's say to change the event title), nothing gets shown next to the event's date. Yes, I ticked "Post as Update".

Please note that I'm not talking about the event's updated status (it gets properly reflected when you go to sportsbook/?order=last_update). I'm talking about the fact that nothing gets logged here:


Is this as designed?

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Is this as designed?
Yes, it was a design decision that was made several years ago. Its not "missing", its just not being displayed (by choice) anywhere on the event page anymore. It used to be displayed in an event information sidebar block which is no longer being used because sidebars are no longer being used on event pages. The last_update field data is now only being displayed on Event Listing pages in the stats column for each event.

I MIGHT add it to the event page again at some point, but I won't make an promises.

NOTE: In the mean time, the last_update field is exposed with the event record, so if you want to, you can edit the template(s) and display that specific data where ever you want to.
I MIGHT add it to the event page again at some point, but I won't make an promises.
I had to make a couple template adjustments, so I updated the event header to include the updated date if the updated date is older than the event create date. I also added it to the meta of the private controls.