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Awaiting Feedback Enable reviews of articles awaiting approval


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AMS Premium
How do I configure AMS to enable reviews of articles awaiting approval? I also need to be able to add pages to articles in this status too as manage pages only shows, no pages to display.

We are using the approval stage for the review and editing process.
I do not understand your question. I can't tell if you are asking about the content type ams_article or the content type ams_review.

Please edit your post and make it more clear as to what content type you are talking about and what part of the process you are talking about.
Hi bob, I believe it would be the ams_review

When someone hits save it goes to review for approval by a moderator, I would like “review article” to be possible on these articles pending review.

I would also like to be able to add pages to articles in this state.

(I’ve changed the phrase in the screenshot)


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