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Resolved Reviews not displayed


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We have an issue with reviews-
Some reviews appear automatically, while others get a "no permission" error.
As the administrator I have all the relevant permissions, but get the error all the same.
Moreover, I can see the review in the authors activity, and receive an alert to the review, but still can not see the review in the list of reviews beside the article.

(We currently run AMS 2.1.0)
while others get a "no permission" error.
If there is a no permission error, that means the viewing user is failing the permissions CHECKS (which is a function that includes checking several permissions and scenarios).

As the administrator I have all the relevant permissions, but get the error all the same.
If you are the viewing user and are seeing a permissions error, then you DO NOT have the appropriate permissions for the action that is calling a permissions check (the permissions check is failing for what ever reason).

The only way for me to troubleshoot this would be on your site where the issue(s) are happening. I will need admin cp access with the appropriate admin permissions to check AMS Category Permissions and XF User and User Group permissions (please start a conversation with me and provide login credentials so I can do some troubleshooting for you).

(We currently run AMS 2.1.0)
btw, AMS 2.0 and AMS 2.1 are no longer supported. You should be running XF 2.2 and AMS 2.2. You are 30 versions behind (that is a lot of bug fixes and new features that you are missing).

Also, your SUPPORT/DOWNLOADS has expired (expired Feb 25th, 2019). I would appreciate it if you'd purchase a 1 year support/downloads extension since you are wanting support that requires me to spend time on your site performing troubleshooting.
Mystery solved...

AMS has both Ratings and Reviews. Ratings (only a star rating) are not viewable (on purpose). Reviews are a star rating along with some review text as well as optional Pros, Cons and Custom Fields.

The "reviews" in question turned out to be Ratings Only, which is why there was a permissions error when trying to access a rating via the review link.

Ratings are only viewable by Moderators via a special hidden "Manage ratings" page, that lists all Ratings only and allows the moderator to delete any of those ratings.
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but where can I set the ratings option only if it comes with a review?
These are the only category options pertaining to ratings. If you allow ratings, then they can include a review if they want to. You can not force ratings only. You can however force all ratings to include a review by checking the "Require review" option.