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Article Submission Flow


New Member
Hi Bob,

I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction on this one.

I'm in the process of setting up my homepage and AMS system. Eventually, I would like guest to be able to submit articles that our editors can review and publish or not publish.

Where I'm a tad confused and need help is the "flow" of it.
I would need guest to be able to submit articles, hopefully have some sort of recaptcha or bot protection from guest submission, and those articles to go into a "draft" or "review" status so that someone with higher permission can then review and proof the article for publication.

Do we open up the specific categories that guest can submit to, or is it better to have a hidden category for "guest submissions" to go into and have the editor move it into the proper category on publication?
GUESTS can not create articles, they would have to be registered. Guest can post comments (either giving them permission to post comments OR via the Write Before Register feature (which is a core XF feature that needs to be enabled and configured).

AMS does have a more comprehensive DRAFT feature than the basic "draft" system that XF has (which is very limited). XF's draft system only lets you save 1 draft per category AND its only available to that specific person (someone else can't look at another members draft POST for example). AMS Drafts put the full article into DRAFT STATE and Staff Members (if provided a link to the Draft Article) can access it and perform actions on it, however, there is no Interface for Staff members to see ALL Drafts (and I have no plans to do that). I do have future plans to develop what I call a Publishing Center, which is similar to the XF Approval Queue, but only for AMS Articles.