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Awaiting Feedback Cancellation of article approval notification


New Member
I have defined that all users cannot post articles without approval, so every article is sent to an administrator for approval first.
When an administrator approves an article, a notification is sent to the user that his article has been approved. I haven't seen a way for the admin to choose whether to send such a notification.
Is there a way to configure the functionality of this so that the moderator or admin approving the article has the ability to choose whether to send a notification to the user that their article has been approved or not?!
Nothing built in to do that, its standard xenforo approval queue handler behavior. Approving content in the approval queue is much different than say deleting content, where you can choose to send an alert or not as well as a message. It would definitely require some programming to the Article Approval Queue Handler, Article Approve Service and the Article Entity.

If you want, you can start a suggestion :) (or I can move this to the suggestions forum).