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Implemented Articles Queue for "Draft" and "Awaiting" Articles


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented an Articles Queue which contains all "Draft" articles and "Awaiting" articles (Awaiting = Scheduled publishing).

In order to view this queue, the viewing user must have the AMS: Article moderator permissions "View draft articles" and or "View awaiting articles".

The AMS moderator permission "View awaiting articles", is a NEW permission added to AMS 2.2.9. This permission is required in order to view an article that is in the article_state 'awaiting', which means that its awaiting publishing in the future aka scheduled publishing).


Those with the appropriate permissions will see a new link in the Moderator Bar titled "Articles queue" along with a number. The number is the total amount of Draft Articles and Awaiting Articles in the system. There is also a link in the Moderator tools drop down.


The Articles queue is just a simple layout with some very basic information. Its not designed to perform actions like the Approval Queue is, its more of a listing interface for Moderators/Staff/Admins so they can see whats going on as well as being able to access and perform actions (like deleting drafts that are 5 years old from a member that has not visited the site in 5 years).

If you can view this listing and see an article in this listing, then you are able to VIEW the article and perform any actions (edit, delete, publish etc).

Note: If the viewing user only has permission to view Draft's, then they won't see any articles that are "Awaiting" (and vice versa).


The listing is paginated and filterable.


Here you can see a filtered listing.

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