ams 2.2.9

  1. Bob

    Implemented Articles Queue for "Draft" and "Awaiting" Articles

    As per title, I've implemented an Articles Queue which contains all "Draft" articles and "Awaiting" articles (Awaiting = Scheduled publishing). In order to view this queue, the viewing user must have the AMS: Article moderator permissions "View draft articles" and or "View awaiting articles"...
  2. Bob

    Implemented New Permission: View awaiting articles

    I've added a new AMS: Article moderator permission "View awaiting articles". This permission allows the viewing Moderator to view an article that is "Awaiting" aka an article that is awaiting publishing (scheduled publishing).
  3. Bob

    Updated AMS: Appearance Style Properties - Tile View Layout elements

    I've updated the AMS: Appearance Style Properties to include elements for Tile View Layout. As you can see below, there are 3 elements in which you can enable/disable. The Default settings are as shown below (Note: currently, only Publish date and Category display, after upgrading to AMS...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Draft Article - Publish now & Publish scheduled

    I've enhanced the "Draft" system in AMS to having 2 ways to publish an Article, Publish now and Publish scheduled. "Publish now" is pretty much the same way as before except a different title for the Button. "Publish scheduled" is a new feature that allows drafts to be scheduled in order to be...