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Comments system vs Discussion Thread


It's unclear to me what the difference is between the Showcase Comments system and the possibility to set up a discussion thread for an item.
Please could you point out the difference in their functionality and what the advantages for each might be?
Many thanks :)
A discussion thread is a core xenforo discussion thread. Nothing much to explain. It has the FULL POWER of a discussion thread.

The comments system is similar to profile posts or what you'd find on social media sites. Its for quick simply commenting.

The intent is not for you to use both at the same time, however you CAN if you really wanted to. Its designed to give you the OPTION of using one, the other, both or none (depending on your use). You can also choose which type to use on a per category basis, which gives you A LOT of flexibility.

Here is an item with just comments: http://xenaddons.com/showcase/1970-plymouth-barracuda.11/

Here is an item with comments AND a discussion thread: http://xenaddons.com/showcase/crows-reef.25/
The benefit of a discussion thread is that it will come up in the new posts function.
The downside is that its hidden behind a tab, so users will not use it as easily as comments. Comments are visible under the item, which is much more intuitive for members to use and therefore will be used more.