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Implemented Choose which Event Status' will showup on the Find New Events search


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Hi Bob, should settled events still be getting logged as New/Un-viewed events for newly registered members?
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Yes, that is how it is designed. The only events that are excluded are "Pending and Deleted". Right now it will display Open, Closed, Awaiting Settlement and Settled events (because all of those can still be posted to via comments). Wouldn't be that difficult to add in some options that admins can choose which Event Status will showup (so if you only wanted OPEN events, you'd uncheck closed, awaiting and settled).
Cheers Bob, will that be something you will consider adding into the next release or is it something I could achieve via a template edit?
Its not something that can be done via a template edit (it will require a fair amount of programming). I'll move this to the suggestions and see if anyone else is interested in it.
This has a DUAL purpose, it drives the "Find New" functionality as well as the Alert Bubble for new events on the Sportsbook Navigation Tab.
This has been implemented and will be available in the next release.

You have 3 options now (see the below image). This option effects the "Find New", Event Read Marking, Sportsbook Node Block (new events count) and the New Events Bubble on the Sportsbook Navigation Tab. The default setting (the first option) is how it currently is configured, so nothing has changed in that regard.