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Updated Find New System updates for Articles, Comments and Reviews


Staff member
As per title, I've updated the Find New System integration for AMS pertaining to Articles, Comments and Reviews.

I've made several modifications to the Find New Controller for AMS, one of which was changing multiple action names to prevent potential conflicts with other addons and or Core. Example, instead of actionArticles, its actionAmsArticles. If XenForo developed an articles addon, they'd most likely use actionArticles in their find new controller for their articles addon. If you have another articles addon installed, they to might use actionArticles, so by adding AMS to the action, it makes it a higher probability that it wouldn't be duplicated and cause a conflict. /geek talk

I've also taken a suggestion from @alfa1 that was implemented recently in RMS. When there are no unread articles, the message will now say "You have no unread articles. You may view all recent articles instead." and clicking on the link will fetch all recent articles (respecting the search cut off date) keeping the viewing user in the Find New system instead of taking them to AMS Home page. If you are not familiar with RMS, this works just like the "New Posts" in that when there are no NEW results, there is a link to fetch RECENT posts.


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