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Not Planned [XF1] Sidebar feature item of the day


I didn't see this one offered yet so delete if I missed but I was thinking about having one item randomly rotate into the sidebar within the site. It would look exactly like the item as seen on the Showcase page with the name, photo, stars and a small link to more that can be clicked.

It would get these in front of more people as they browse the site.
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The problem that I have with all these side bar requests is that I do one for the core xenforo forum homepage sidebar, then later, someone expects the same exact thing for the [bd] widget framework (which is done completely differently), then later, someone expects it to be included as a XenPorta Block (which again is done completely different then the first two). So 1 block request turns in to having to do the same thing 3 different ways to please everyone. I have no problem knocking these out as paid requests, but non paid requests for blocks/widgets go to the very bottom of the list as they just take too much time away from working on the addons themselves.
Understood. I have no clue what is involved in the creation but thought it to be a good idea.

I might get to you with this as a paid request at some future date.