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Not Planned [XF1] Showcase Titles

The Sandman

Do Showcase titles follow the same rules as regular thread titles? If so, I recommend changing to some custom title rules. On this site for instance, the designations of some of the cars listed doesn't follow convention - Camaro Ss and Camaro Zl1 for example, instead of Camaro SS and Camaro ZL1. And Mgb Roadster instead of MGB. That can be annoying to a car guy.
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Automatically Adjust Case of Item Titles is an OPTION. When enabled, you can set it to force Title case or Sentence case. Default is disabled. I have it set to Title Case here.

That's what I figured. You can use an add-on and use custom title rules - on my site I have it set to capitalize the first letter of each word but to retain other capitals as well (So Camaro SS or Camaro LT1 would look correct). I also added a rule that if all the letters in the title are caps (shouting) it first converts them all to smalls, then capitalizes the first letter in each word. It's not perfect for all situations, but IMO it's better than simple sentence case.

I wonder if the add-on automatically applies to Showcase - runs to check...
You can modify the Item DW (Datawriter) if you want. That is where it checks for the force and then changes the case (just like it does for core xf in the discussion thread DW).
Ah, OK - didn't realize Showcase had its own rules. On mine it was turned off completely so whatever someone typed in came out unchanged.
I could share the OPTIONS, but I wanted to give people more control so they could set discussions one way and showcase item titles another way. Even if I shared options, the PROGRAMING CODE is in the datawriter and the DWs for showcase items and discussion threads are their own thing, so if you modify code in a discussion thread DW, it has no effect on showcase.
Thanks for the explanation. I'd love to be able to use the custom Title rules I've got set up for threads on Showcase as well. Hmm...
Its a 3rd party addon written specifically for Discussion Threads. Have the developer modify the Showcase Item DataWriter to do the same thing as they are doing for Discussion Threads.
I asked the developer about adding custom title rules to Showcase. His reply:
What you want to do is find the variable $title and include the external file directly after it. That way it modifies the contents of the $title variable. Now if Bob used some other name for the $title variable than you can't just use the include, you would need to create another include file with the appropriate variable name.