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Not Planned [XF1] Rate from Grid View Listing


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Looking good @Bob B
How about making it so you can like and rate items direct from the index page now that you're using the layout like XenMediaGallery?

Eg when you click the star it brings up the rating and review box much like how XenMediaGallery does the same thing.
Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 08.42.30.png

You will also see that the like thumb is pointing down on the above image, thats because i have liked them ones, so if i click on it now its to remove a like eg why the thumbs down, if i did that the thumb is up because the next click is to add a like, this is all done without having to load the album :)
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Im not a fan of this for Showcase and the reason why is that you are not RATING the individual image in showcase, but rather the entire showcase ITEM itself. I don't understand how can you rate an item without looking at all the content associated with that item, specially when the new multi ratings come into play in SC 2.3.0

With XMG, you are only rating that single image, so in that case, its totally understandable.
With how and what my Showcase is set up for, that being for items you buy inside a social platform on PS3, many of the listings (most) are for stuff that people own, so they then use the showcase to rate and review said item. So they know what the content is about already.

I know the item of the Showcase was not a rating and review system, but i think a good number of us have turned it into one, due mostly to the fact the Showcase is the closest we can get to one on Xenforo.

For showcases like yours here, where its peoples cars then yes it is pointless because only the owner knows what the content is without viewing it, so its more a matter of in what way the showcase is being used, eg if its a tech site it might be set up to showcase the latest iMac or Samsung phone so its then likely to be set up like mine where its content people know about already if you get where i'm going :)

But again, if you're going to add the multi rating in a later version, it would mean that clicking on the rating icon would need to bring up the overlay with all the ratings in it to pick them.
I support this. My use case is motorcycles, and its reasonable to want to rate the item as a whole and not just (one of the) image(s).
I agree with previous comments, I'd rather ensure that users have to click onto the full page listing to give a rating (otherwise it's a pretty uninformed opinion).