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Implemented Option: Featured items limit & Exclude featured items from items listing on index and categ


Staff member
As per title, I've added two new options pertaining to Featured Items on SC Index and Category pages.

Currently, SC Index and SC Category pages will fetch 5 random featured items for use in the Featured Items Carousel (or 3 for the Featured Items Grid Block). The only way to turn them off would be to edit the template and remove the call to the Featured Carousel Macro or Featured Grid Block (but that still doesn't stop the fetching process, which does add at least 1 query).

Admins can now set the Featured items limit to 0, which disables the featured items carousel or grid block.

Admins can now also fetch MORE than 5 items for the Carousel (Grid block design is limited to 3, so this option has no effect on grid block).

The other option is being able to Exclude any of the fetched featured items from also being fetched and listed in the Index (often referred to as "duplicates"). Being that the featured sliders and grid block results are NOT part of the listing, its not that big of an issue to some people, however, if you are one of those types that loves to CUSTOMIZE (looking at you @Joe Link ) and want not display featured items in the carousel or grid block, but instead display them integrated at the top of the items listing, its important to make sure "dupes" are removed (so this helps you do that).

Note: Default settings are 5 (same as it is hard coded now) and unchecked, so you'll only need to set these IF you want to change the behavior to something different than how it behaves currently.

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