showcase 3.2.2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Display location/Layout type options for "More in [category name]" and "More from [author name]" blo

    As per title, I've added four new SC options that let you control the display location and layout type of the "More in [category name]" and "More from [author name]" blocks. Currently, you can only control the amount of items fetched for those blocks and the blocks are only located in the the...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Option: Featured items limit & Exclude featured items from items listing on index and categ

    As per title, I've added two new options pertaining to Featured Items on SC Index and Category pages. Currently, SC Index and SC Category pages will fetch 5 random featured items for use in the Featured Items Carousel (or 3 for the Featured Items Grid Block). The only way to turn them off would...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Permission: Maximum attachments per item

    This was funded by an anonymous Showcase license holder. I've added a new permission "Maximum attachments per item" to replace the Showcase Option that did the same thing. Works exactly the same as before except that you can now finer control it on a per user, per user group or per category basis.