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Not Planned [XF1] Next tab button at the bottom of page


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What do you think about having a "Next Tab" button at the bottom of the post?

For example, I may have a recipe item broken into the following tabs: General - Ingredients & Method - Serving Suggestions... Say if I write quite a long description in the General tab it would save people scrolling back up to click on the Ingredients & Method tab because they could see and use the next tab button at the bottom of the page.

Lately at the end of the first tab description I've been ending with "click on the next tab at top" because I've had a few members mention they forgot there were other tabs like, "so where's the recipe," maybe that says something about my members lol but I thought I would suggest the next tab at the bottom option anyway.
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not sure how feasible this would be... I'd have to mess around with it to see whats doable and whats not. Im leaning towards saying that something like this would be more suitable to a customization instead of a core feature.
Yeah I thought it might be a PITA...

I was thinking how the full tab bar would look if it was also at the bottom of the post (probably OK) but for smaller entries it would probably look silly so that's why I thought about a next tab button.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at it Bob - happy with that and happy New Year :)
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happy new year to you as well :) I'll let you know one way or the other on this.