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Not Planned [XF1] Categories by Forum


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It would be nice to be able to select certain categories (Luxury Cars Showcase) to appear only in certain forums (Luxury Car Forum)

This way showcase ads can be tailored to the people who are viewing a certain type of 'widget'

A drop down box of all forums in the EDIT CATEGORY, should allow admins to choose what forum(s) the Showcase slider, etc would appear.
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There should be one slider within Showcase to be used within individual forums.

Within the EDIT CATEGORY there would be a forum drop list, where you can choose a forum(s).
When you are in that forum, the categories that have that forum chosen, should be displayed in the slider.

You have a Showcase categories LUXURY CARS, FORDS, CHEVY with pics, items, etc
You have forums/nodes for Luxury cars, Ford Motors, Chevrolet and American-made where people discuss those car types

There should be a forum drop down list in EDIT CATEGORY where you can choose
Luxury cars node for LUXURY CARS category
Ford Motors node for FORDS category
and American-made node for both FORDS and CHEVY categories

When in those nodes, you would display the slider with the proper categories for that node.

Is this possible; a some-day-maybe; or never gonna happen in a million years?
Is this possible;
Not without custom development. You can get CLOSE by using the [bd] Widget Framework & the Showcase: Image Gallery Renderer (which is used to make Image related widgets). The Render options include being able to set Categories that the data is pulled from, so you could create specific widgets for specific forums that include the content you want. There are multiple different types of layout options for each widget as well (one being the grid item container for the slider). It wouldn't be that difficult to tweak that into a slider (by examining the slider template code).

This isn't something I'd add to core.