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Implemented Exclude items within specific categories from displaying on Showcase Index Page


Staff member
This feature was funded by a long time Showcase license holder and donated back to the community as a core feature of Showcase instead of an addon.

I've added a new Category setting that is used to determine if Item Content from a given Category is fetched and displayed on the Showcase Index Page.

Note: This is a Per Category setting, not a Per Category TREE setting. It only applies to the specific category itself, not to content in its children.

Default is enabled, meaning that all of your existing categories will have this option set as enabled as part of the upgrade.

This feature is designed specifically for Admins to be able to exclude item content from specific categories from being displayed on the Showcase Index Page. This setting does not effect in any way shape or form, the displaying of item content on any other Showcase pages or widgets.

The new option is located below the Display order input on the Category Add/Edit form.

As mentioned, the default is enabled when creating a new category (the only exception to this is when creating a category from a Clone, then it uses what ever the clone has set).


If you need to BULK SET (either enable or disable), the column name in the xf_xa_sc_category table is display_items_on_index its a boolean, so 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled.
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