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Not a Bug Widget using the display style "Simple - Carousel" not working in XF SideNAV

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AMS Premium
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LD Premium
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UBS Premium
XF : 2.2.10
AMS : last

I put the carousel simple widget on the what's new page sidenav.
Quoi de neuf | Forum Regionalis

But in smartphone, only the block-header appears not the carousel.


Thank you.
The 'Simple - Carousel' display style is specifically designed for use in the XF SideBAR only (and only supported for use in the XF sideBAR).

Attempting to add a widget with the simple - carousel display type to a display positions other than the XF SideBAR, is not supported and you will almost definitely run into various display issues such as you are with trying to display it in the sideNAV (which the XFRM Carousel will also not display at all in the sideNav at narrow and medium responsive when the sideNav turns into a slide out, but will display (albeit awkwardly) above medium responsive break point).

With that said, I've updated the explain Phrases for all the Widget Definitions in the next release, to make it more clear that the Simple - Carousel display type is for use in the XF sideBAR only.


If you need something for the sidenav, maybe contact Russ at Pixel Exit and see if he will design something for you, he does a lot of AMS customization for clients :)
Not open for further replies.