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Where can i find the draft item?

3rd angle

I had created an item and saved as draft.. and i moved away from the page.. now when i get back i don't see the draft copy anywhere.. neither is the mdoeration queue updated.. (i understand the moderation queue should not have it.. i m trying to say i have searched in the moderation queue too)..

Where are the draft copy located?
There is a sidebar block on the "Your Items" page that contains your "Draft" items. It is only visible to the Item Owner.
I know this is old but -- is there a way to see a list of members who have drafts --
No. XenForo does not have an Admin CP (or frontend) interface available to Admins/Staff, for viewing drafts. The XF2 versions of all my addons use the XenForo drafts system vs custom draft system (which this thread is about).