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Upgraded our live website to SC3 and have questions

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by Sadiq6210, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Sadiq6210

    Sadiq6210 Member Showcase

    Hello Bob,

    We just upgraded our website from XF1.5.8 to XF2.1.4 and we upgraded to the latest SC release, SC 3.1.6 looks awesome, however, we may ask several questions these days as we are adjusting many things in our XF2 website.

    1. In XF1 SC we gave the users in usergroup-X the permission to (add new comment) but they cannot see the comments list. Is it possible to do it in SC3 ?

    2. Is it possible to replace the "user avatar" with "cover image" in the widgets like "More from user-x"


    3. We are using comments system and rating function only, the user can rate the page using the stars rating or add a comment. Therefore, we need to allow rating but turn off reviews function, even no need to move to separate page, the user should be able to open choose the rating from the page itself. This was possible in SC2

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    No, they have to be able to VIEW Comments in order to POST comments. If you need that to behave differently, that is going to take quite a bit of customization (both programming code and templates)

    Its not that it wouldn't be possible, but why would you? Those are TINY (24px by 24px) and would make no sense to display a cover image thumbnail that you can't even see. It only makes sense to display the Cover Image if the container is at least large enough to make out some details (above 70px IMO).

    There are no "Ratings Only" in Showcase 3.x. When rating an item, a review is optional unless the Category is configured that a review is required. Submitting a Rating without a review makes it similar to a rating only (but its not the same as a ratings only). You'd have to edit the input form and comment out or remove the "Review" input (and then make sure that you don't have any categories that are configure to require reviews ). You'd also need to make sure you don't have any reviews fields set to "required" (as well as any of the other "review" type configuration options set in any of your categories.

    As for the uploading of attachments to reviews, that is a permission, so you just need to make sure that permission is not set.

  3. Sadiq6210

    Sadiq6210 Member Showcase

    We are using Showcase as staff directory in the University and it works since many years, each page has personal employee photo, therefore, even the small avatar will be fine (we increased it from 24 to 32px).

    As mentioned above, each employee (instructor) has sc page and the students can add comment in his page, since SC2, all users can write comment, however, only specific usergroup can read the comments. This was possible in SC2, any chance to add it in SC3?

    Clear. Thanks

    4. How can I move Comment/Reply Editor to be before the comments list (currently it is after the comments)?
    I tried to edit (xa_sc_comment_macros) and moved the below code to the top of template but it doesn't work (still the editor is showing after the comments).

    <xf:macro name="comment_add" arg-comments="!" arg-attachmentData="!" arg-content="!" arg-linkPrefix="!">
        <xf:if is="$content.canAddComment()">
            <xf:form action="{{ link($linkPrefix . '/add-comment', $content) }}"
                draft="{{ link($linkPrefix . '/draft', $content) }}"
                class="block js-quickReply"
                data-xf-init="attachment-manager quick-reply{{ $xf.visitor.isShownCaptcha() ? ' guest-captcha' : '' }}"
                data-message-container="< :prev | .js-replyNewCommentContainer"
                data-preview-url="{{ link($linkPrefix . '/preview', $content, {'quick_reply': 1}) }}">
                <xf:js src="xf/message.js" min="1" />
                <xf:set var="$lastPost" value="{$comments|last}" />
                <div class="block-container">
                    <div class="block-body">
                        <xf:macro template="quick_reply_macros" name="body"
                            arg-multiQuoteHref="{{ link($linkPrefix . '/multi-quote', $content) }}"
                            arg-simple="{{ true }}"
                            arg-submitText="{{ phrase('post_comment') }}"
                            arg-lastDate="{$lastPost.comment_date}" />
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    It may have been possible due to an edge case bug that was never reported, however, it should not have been possible and it certainly is/was NOT designed to do that.

    As for considering something that should NOT have been possible, its probably not something I'd consider unless XFMG makes that same change as well as I standardize my addons against similar functions Core XF, XFRM and XFMG).

    I understand what you want/need, however, you also need to understand that the Showcase Comments System is not designed to do what you are wanting to do, so the best thing you can do would be to start a suggestion thread, state your use case (explaining how it works now, what your needs are and how you'd invision it to work without effecting any existing functionality) and please DO NOT include that you were able to do it in SC 2.0 because of some unknown edge case bug that should have been reported and fixed. You now know that it should not have been possible, so approach your suggesting knowing that.

    Moving a MACRO within a MACRO template does not accomplish anything (its just a static block of code that gets CALLED in a template or another macro). The "comment_add" MACRO is being called WITHIN the "comment_list" MACRO (line 71). Where it is being called, is where the output of the "comment_add" MACRO will be displayed, so you'd need to modify the "comment_list" MACRO and move the line of code that is calling the "comment_add" MACRO (which is basically at the end of the "comment_list" MACRO) towards the TOP of the "comment_list" MACRO. I do not recommend making any modifications to this unless you know what you are doing as customizations like this are not supported.
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