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Unable to get showcase to appear on the frontend


New Member
Good day all!

First off, I am not good at this.
Now that we have that out of the way I am hoping someone could provide some assistance.

I am currently unable to view the showcase tab like I have seen so many display after installing
As far as I can tell I have installed the add on correctly but I am unsure as to what my next steps are.

I read and followed Bob's "Installing, configuring and upgrading" post but I am stuck somewhere in the configuration stage after creating a category.

I would post some more details showing how my options are arranged although I wouldn't even know what would assist you in assisting me. :oops:

Can anyone provide me with some more detailed instructions? Nothing against Bob's initial directions but I am very new at this and would very much appreciate the assistance.

Thank you.
Have you set the user group permissions? Showcase has a bunch of them and "View Showcase" is one of them (which is required to see the tab).
:oops: ...So Bob is there any chance of us never talking about this again?..Sorry for wasting your time and thank you.

helping people is never a waste of my time :) You aren't and won't be the first one to do that. Even I do it from time to time :D Heck, I did it just a little bit ago when testing something that I am working on haha.