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custom Item field search

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Showcase 3.1.3, the modular layout of the new version has certainly been improved and helps in placing content. It's just a step closer to the rich options of the previous version.

However, this version does not reflect the features I want, I'm sorry.

1. Suggestion One.

The preceding sc 2.9.x has been provided with the item field search function, but it is not yet available in sc 3.1.3.

When do you plan to include this feature? This is a mandatory feature in my service, so I must postpone upgrading from sc2.8.0 to sc3.1.x.

If you add this item field search function, I think you can use modular layout widget too.

While I was editing this article, I found a link from xenforo's resource, which had the features I needed that deployed on April 17th.

Showcase Filter by AddonsLab
Showcase Filter by AddonsLab

Those by @Bob has been included in xf1.5 as a required feature, now someone else has distributed it in paid version in showcase 3.0, so I have a problem.

Of course I could test and buy this version, but I would like to know @Bob's point of view, and do you plan to support it in showcase 3.0 by default? If @Bob is supported by default, some of this new friend's income will be decreased and the showcase get more values.

It seems the ecosystem of xenforo is now evolving in three stages. These are good things but I want to see this at Xenaddons.

2. The second new proposal

I'd like to add a caption feature that will give you a very short description of the source or image in your attached image or photo.
As an expert you could supplement the editor's photo add-on to implement it, but I do not know how.

As I might expect, this feature is called after attaching a file, adding a description property
:: placed together in a body photo
:: You can display the photo title together in the gallery list.
:: You can distinguish photo titles from light boxes. Especially light boxes can provide a short description at the same time.
:: The above functions are optional.

I would like to add this feature to the sc3 version since this feature which can annotate the attached photo has long been eager.

This new proposal may be somewhat burdensome for developers, but I think we can afford it if we consider it to be important.

It is useful for real estate goods, news contents, etc. Also, this function can be used in AMS as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

We support.

/* The above sentence was supported by the translator based on the original text of Hangeul. I am a little worried about the meaning that was conveyed correctly because English expression is not familiar. */
I've moved this out of suggestions as there are existing suggestions for both of these. Also, its a requirement to post a single suggestion thread for each suggestion (just like XenForo.com requires).

With that said, I will quickly answer a few questions.

Custom Fields stuff...

XF1 did not have a Custom Fields system. If developers wanted to implement custom fields in their addons, they had to do so on their own (they were completely isolated systems with no core functions). This allowed developers the freedom to do what ever they want to within their own systems as they did not interfere with other systems, which I did quite a bit of experimenting with things like Field Search (multiple versions of it), Filtering and Filter Links. Those were (and still are) experimental. I made it clear that they could be removed at any point in time IF they did not meet XenForo Coding Standards (which there are coding standards now and some of the stuff I am/was doing, I'd not do in XF2 versions of my addons(not that they are bad, its just not following strict professional coding standards)).

That brings up XF2. XF2 HAS a Custom Fields System (standardized) which developers can (and should) use to implement custom fields into their addons. I will ALWAYS use Core Handlers if there are Core Handlers available, so in XF2 versions of my addons, all the custom fields systems are using the core custom fields handler (same as Thread Fields, Resource Fields and Media Fields). That means that I am constrained to the limits of the Handler (which is NEW, so its fairly limited right now) unless I want to HACK things up (which I refuse to do as that is not following XenForo Development Standards). If it can't be done without a hacked up solution, I won't do it.

Core XF itself does NOT have any Custom Field Searching or Custom Field Filtering (nor does the Custom Fields System have any functions, methods, JS etc for handling those types of features). My HOPE (since its a very liked suggestion for both Resource Fields and Thread Fields) is that XenForo at some point will implement Custom Field Searching and Filtering for Thread Fields, Resource Fields and Media Fields. When (IF) they do, I will implement the same exact functionality into my addons.

So to answer your question about IF I have plans to implement Custom Field Searching/Filtering into my XF2 addons at some point, the answer is YES, however, that is 100% dependent on if XenForo enhances the Custom Fields system and implements custom field searching/filtering themselves.

In the mean time, AddonsLab has invested a TON of money into a 3rd party addon that is very similar to the experimental custom fields searching/filtering that I had in XF1 versions of my addons. There are quite a few people that have been using the Thread Fields and Resource Fields versions of it and so far, its got high praises. Its not that expensive ($49) and if it gives you the functionality that you want, its probably well worth it, even if temporary.

Attachment Image Captions...

My Addons use the Core XenForo Attachment Handler. the Core XenForo Attachment Handler does not have an "image caption" feature. Its one of the most requested features for XenForo, so its a pretty high probability that XenForo will add this at some point (which when they do, it will automagically be implemented within all addons that implement attachments because its a standardize system that uses Core Template Macros that are shared by all content types that implement attachments.

NOTE: Neither of these are open for discussion/debate, so I am going to LOCK this as the questions have been answered and the answers are not going to change.
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