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    custom Item field search

    Showcase 3.1.3, the modular layout of the new version has certainly been improved and helps in placing content. It's just a step closer to the rich options of the previous version. However, this version does not reflect the features I want, I'm sorry. 1. Suggestion One. The preceding sc 2.9.x...
  2. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Item Field type: Value display HTML only

    I would like to have a field that automatically gets filled. The Item creator does not have to do fill in anything into the field. Because we can combine Value Display HTML with variables. Like the newly added 'output item ID' function. See the example by Carla here...
  3. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Item field: button

    This is a fairly simple request that can probably be done with value display html. None the less I think that it will come in very handy if we would be able to set fields as buttons. The values needed would be button text, button link and styling. The styling could be done the same as user...
  4. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Make item fields mobile / touch friendly

    Item fields are low height rows with small text / links in them. Often there will be many rows. Even for desktop users it can require a little concentration to click the correct row. While its not an issue for desktop it becomes more difficult for mobile/tablet users. Font size tends to be too...
  5. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Item fields: linked values

    It would be great if the field value would be automatically hyperlinked on item page. For example: Brand: Tesla So that 'Tesla' would link to all items with Tesla in the field 'Brand'.
  6. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Item field: multiple values / filters

    It would be very useful to be able to use item fields as filters. But in many cases items will have multiple values and therefore should be visible when filtering for any of those values. To expand on this I would like to have multiple values in a field. Separated by comma. i.e...
  7. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Item fields: file upload

    It would be very handy if we could create fields to upload files. This would allow us to create fields asking for specific documents. For example we could add a field 'manual' or 'instructions' for items that are products.
  8. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] A way to sort field choices

    If I add 10 field choices and after that decide that I would like to change the order or to add a few, then there doesn't seem to be any way to change the sort order. It would be nice to have this.
  9. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Time / Date field

    For both ShowCase & AMS I would like a time / date field. Such field would use the XF datepicker with time. Same as the publish time date picker for AMS. This would allow users to fill in data like: Question 1: 'When did your tour start?' Answer: 'Yesterday, February 10th, at 2:05 PM' Question...
  10. Alpha1

    Not Planned [XF1] Field type: image

    I know its possible to add images to the gallery tab. But I also need to be able to upload images to a different tab. The benefit is that I can have tabs that show different text fields including image fields. It would be fine if the images need to be in the gallery or can as well.