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Not Planned [XF1] Field type: image


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I know its possible to add images to the gallery tab. But I also need to be able to upload images to a different tab. The benefit is that I can have tabs that show different text fields including image fields.

It would be fine if the images need to be in the gallery or can as well.
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One way that this could be useful is to standardize the images that members upload. For example if you have a showcase about Tesla model D, then you can have a tab that shows options or specifications. By having specific fields you can get your members to upload specific photo's. Like:
  • Dashboard overview (image)
  • Dashboard description (single line text field)
  • Rims (image)
  • Rims description (single line text field)
  • Rear (image)
  • Rear description (single line text field)
  • Engine (image)
  • Engine 2 (image)
  • Engine 3 (image)
  • Engine description (single line text field)
Or whatever exact images you would like to have.