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Article Management System Will This AMS Add-on Be Beneficial For My New Website?

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by Serpius, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Serpius

    Serpius New Member Pickem


    Question regarding your Article Management System add-on.

    Grab a coffee and read on. It's kind of long.

    Some parts of this may or may not pertain to your add-on, but I wanted to cover all of my bases so that you can fully understand what I am trying to accomplish with my new website.

    Ok, just a quick background on what my website's main goal is.

    I started up Contenght as a website that small to medium-sized content creators can embed their multimedia creations. Go to contenght (dot) com and you can see the website as it is now.

    NOTE: Contenght is pronounced the same as the word 'content' and the 'gh' is silent in the same way you see the 'gh' being silent in words like 'caught' or 'bought'.

    Visit this website sharree (dot) com and you will see the kind of website that I like to have.

    There are 2 main usergroups, Contenght Viewers and Contenght Creators.
    1. The 'Contenght Viewer' usergroup are users who are only interested in viewing the multimedia submissions that are on Contenght.
    2. The 'Contenght Creator' usergroup are users who do submit their content multimedia on Contenght.

    There will be a PAID accounts for both usergroups. The non-PAID accounts will have limited access (for viewing) and/or limited ability to submit media on Contenght.

    PAID Contenght Viewer usergroup will have UNLIMITED viewing of all submitted multimedia content, but will NOT have the ability to SUBMIT any multimedia. This usergroup will have UNLIMITED posting ability and other related permissions for that usergroup. This account upgrade is a ONE-TIME upgrade of $20 USD.

    PAID Contenght Creator usergroup will have the same permissions as the PAID Contenght Viewer usergroup, but will have UNLIMITED ability to submit any multimedia. This account upgrade is a ONE-TIME upgrade of $30.00 USD.

    I did use MyBB forum software before switching to Xenforo at the beginning of November 2019.
    So, I am familiar with the AdminCP side of things in MyBB, but Xenforo AdminCP is different and that is where my difficulties arise.

    Contenght (dot) com will be something like that above-mentioned website but since I am very new to using Xenforo forum software, I have no clue how to set all of the user groups and user permissions to make this work properly. This is the part that has frustrated me the most about Xenforo.

    The best way for me to describe how I want things done is to give you an example of a new user, Jane Smith.

    Before I go any further... a bit of explanation is in order. When I first bought the Xenforo forum software, I had assumed that I would also need the Xenforo Media Gallery for 'Contenght' created submissions. Honestly, I do not know if that was really necessary to buy that add-on, but I did it anyway.

    When you review my goal of what I want for my website, you can assist me in deciding whether or not the Xenforo Media Gallery add-on or your Article Management System add-on is beneficial to my new website or not.

    1. When Jane Smith goes to my website for the very first time, she will see the website as a 'Guest'. She then decides to register using the 'Register' button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
    2. Jane Smith does the registration form and waits for Contenght to send her the activation email. She's got the activation email and clicks on the link to activate her account.
    [NOTE: The above part is one part that I am not even certain that I have setup correctly in the AdminCP - I will need your assistance to make certain that this is working properly -- When you attempt to register and activate your account, you will be able to see if I have done this correctly or not. -- If this part fails, please send me an email at superadmin@contenght (dot) com and I will fix your account ASAP.]
    3. Assuming that #1 and #2 have been completed, Jane Smith is now classified in the Xenforo default usergroup 'Registered'. However, Jane Smith is really a content creator and she needs to be put into the Contenght Creator usergroup. After Jane Smith clicks on the link to activate her account in step #2, then she is presented with a 1 question form that asks, 'Are You A Contenght Creator?'. If she answers 'Yes', then she is moved (or promoted) to the Registered Contenght Creator usergroup.
    If Jane Smith was NOT a 'Contenght Creator', then she is placed (promoted) to the 'Contenght Viewer' usergroup.

    By placing Jane Smith into the CORRECT usergroup will help her in choosing the Account Upgrade options if she decides to upgrade her account now or at a later time.

    4A. Assuming Jane Smith is a 'Registered Contenght Creator' who does NOT want to upgrade right away to a higher account level, she will have a limited amount of submissions of no more than 4 submissions PER MONTH. (1 submission per week)
    4B. Assuming that Jane Smith is a 'Registered Contenght Viewer', she will be limited to posting of 7 threads/posts PER WEEK. (1 thread/post per day)

    This above part is where I am struggling to figure out the correct usergroup and user permissions in the Xenforo AdminCP.

    One area that I really want to make certain that is done correctly is the PAID Contenght Creator usergroup. I want to give the 'Contenght Creators' the ability to MONETIZE their content creations.

    I want this usergroup to be able to make money with their content and I bought the 'Monetize' add-on thinking that this will help me to achieve this goal, but I have no clue if this is the right add-on for this purpose.

    I can give you temporary admin access to see what I have in terms of permissions and add-ones.

    You will be able to see the other add-ons that I have bought and you can determine if any of those add-ons will help or not.

    I am sure that I have left out details.

    If you have questions or need further clarification, please ask!

    Let me know!


  2. Empire

    Empire New Member AMS Premium CAS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    The permissions for viewers seem straightforward and shouldn't be a problem.

    In AMS, you can set the max articles per user:
    Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.46.22 AM.png

    However, I don't think it's possible to set it as a time limit such as four articles per month. (@Bob please correct me if I'm wrong!)

    I believe the Monetize addon is made for the site owner to make money, rather than for members to monetize their content.
    Bob likes this.
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    XenForo Media Gallery is for uploading MEDIA (Photos and Video).

    AMS is for Textual based content (Articles, How To's, Guides etc).

    After reading that a few times, it sounds to me like you need something CUSTOM developed for you as neither XFMG nor AMS can do most of what you are wanting to do (at least, not without MAJOR customization, which you might as well spend your time/money having a bespoke add-on developed so that you can make sure that its 100% the way you want it to be.
  4. Serpius

    Serpius New Member Pickem

    Finally, someone that has given me an answer that gives me some direction.

    @Bob Do you know of anyone that can create this add-on that will do what I want for my website?
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