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Two questions about comments and reviews system

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by Sadiq6210, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Sadiq6210

    Sadiq6210 Member Showcase


    I have some questions about the comments and reviews system.

    1. Is it possible to add (Most Recent Comments) block to (forum home) sidebar?

    2. If I have these review options:


    Is it possible to show the average of each rating?
    For example when I enter any item I will see the item rating like this:
    Average rating: 4 stars
    Average Quality rating: 3 stars (total 5 votes)
    Average Appearance rating: 4 stars (total 4 votes)
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Just to clarify something, there is a Comments System and a Rate & Review System. They are completely separate from each other. The Comments system has no connection with the Rate & Review system.

    Admin CP >> Applications >> Showcase >> Showcase Options >> Forum Home TAB contains all of the available Forum Home built in features. If something isn't listed there, its not available and would require Programming.

    With that said, Showcase comes with several [bd] Widget Framework Renderers for creating Widgets. One of the available Renderers is "Showcase: Most Recent Comments" which you can create Recent Comments Widgets with. Obviously, you need to install the [[bd] WF to take advantage of these renderers.

    Functionality that requires "operations" and "communication between fields" is not possible via Custom Review Fields (which are nothing more than static display data). What you are wanting to do would require customization to the Rate/Review System.
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  3. Sadiq6210

    Sadiq6210 Member Showcase

    Thanks Bob
    I will try to create the widget in bd WF.

    One more thing Bob, I am trying to give the Unregistered group the permission to (report) the comments but I cannot find any option to allow the (report) feature in group permissions. Is it possible to show the (report) feature to all groups?
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Reporting Content requires a user_id (which means the user has to be registered). That is a core xenforo requirement.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The permission is a Core XenForo permission located under the General Permissions (see the red arrow).

    NOTE: permissions are available to ALL user groups, however, that does not mean that all user groups can perform the task. There are a lot of functions that require a user_id. Those types of functions can only be performed if the viewing user is registered and logged in. Reporting Content is one of those.

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