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Resolved Some general questions about Showcase

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by Geiri, Nov 14, 2022.

  1. Geiri

    Geiri New Member SC Premium

    I have some general questions about the Showcase addon. I as many others use it as a garage.

    1. is about the order of Item fields.
    Can they be Horizontal: 1969, FORD, Mustang, Cobra jet
    Instead of vertical?

    More like this

    2. Has any one made this addon into a restoration addon for projects. Continuing story.....
    It seams difficult. Some one with examples?

    3. Is there a widget for a weekly front page photo?
    Big photo on the front page.....

    4. Can the Showcase link be added to the profile drop down tap

    I have installed the addon it works nicely on 2.2.11. I have also translated most of it with out trouble. Looking good
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Item Fields (and Review fields) use the Core XenForo Custom Field System, the same abstract system that User Fields, Thread Fields, Resource Fields and Media FIelds use. Its a standardized system that shares functions, js, less/css and templates (both public and admin). The output is controlled by standardized XF Templates and XF Template Macros.

    I don't believe I've seen the type of customization that you are referring to as that would require the grouping of multiple fields (and Core XF does not do that in that way).

    You might try and contact Russ at Pixel Exit as he has done some customizations with Custom Fields and he might have a usable solution :)

    That is what the UPDATES feature of Showcase is for. I specifically add the UPDATE feature to showcase for a client that uses Showcase as a Garage and needed it for Projects so that the Item itself was for the Project, and each Update was used to post about what has been done since the last update (kinda like a mini-blog of sorts). An Update has a Title, Rich Text Input, Attachments, Reactions etc. Members watching the Item, will get notified whenever a new Update is posted to the Item.

    Showcase comes with several Widget Definitions, letting you create dozens and dozens of different kinds of Widgets displaying Showcase Content. The closes you could get would be to use either the Featured Items Widget Definition or Latest Items Widget Definition, using Grid Block layout type, fetch 2 (or 3) items and use random sort type.

    Other than that, the only other way that would be doable without programming would be to use the HTML Widget Definition (handy underrated widget).

    Yes :) You can add any link to any template. All you have to do is EDIT the appropriate template and add the link using the proper template syntax.
    Geiri likes this.
  3. Geiri

    Geiri New Member SC Premium

    Thank you for clarifying that :)

    Is it possible to upload attachments to different sections?
    It looks like Section 1 is the only one with upload option.

    Also when I use the Rich text box, I am not able to use previously uploaded photos from section 1

    On other notes... Choosing the size of the Showcase thumbnails (Showcase index page)
    where can I choose that I would like to go above 300px for each image width
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    No, it is not possible, that is a XenForo limitation. You can have multiple Rich Text Editors for a given input form, but only one of them can have the attachment uploader. Also, the uploaded attachments can only be embedded into the RTE that the attachment uploader is associated with (in this case, Section 1). You'd have to use Hot Links to add any of those attachments into any of the other editors. Its been a XF limitation since XF 1.0. This is one of the main reasons why I don't like Sections and why I've designed PAGES (in AMS, IMS and UBS).

    This is a xenforo limitation. No different than uploading an attachment to a post and trying to use that attachment in another post, you'd have to HOT LINK it.

    Showcase uses the Core XenForo Attachment System. The size of the generated thumbnail is controlled by a Core XenForo Attachments Option. Changing this will effect all content types that display attachment thumbnails (posts, profile posts, conversations etc). Only LIST VIEW layout type and Carousel use thumbnails. All the other layout types use the full size image and scale it down via LESS/CSS (just like XF does for Article Threads).


    Note: Grid View, Tile View layout types uses the FULL SIZE IMAGE. Changing the XF Thumbnail size will not change the size of the containers for Grid View or Tile View (that is all controlled by LESS/CSS).
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  5. Geiri

    Geiri New Member SC Premium

    Thank you, Is it possible to have section 1 in it's own popup screen and then hit next and next and Incrementally fill each step? Instead of one long list of fields

    And how to I stop the Tag field from showing at the top?

  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    It's not a feature of the addon if that is what you are asking.

    To do what you described, would require programming (it can't be done by editing templates). You can edit templates and rearrange inputs, however, you can't turn an input forum into a multi-step process without programming the action(s) in the controller to do something like that.
    Geiri likes this.
  7. Geiri

    Geiri New Member SC Premium


    What about the Tag field? Can it be disabled?
  8. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Tags is yet another Core XenForo Content Type System. The System itself is either enabled or disabled.

    When the Tags System is enabled, the viewing user MUST have the Core XenForo permissions "Create new content tag". This is a prerequisite to any content type specific permissions.


    Each individual content type that implements a tags handler, also has to implement a set of permissions.

    Example, here are the permissions related to Tagging for Discussion Threads. These same permissions are also implemented for XenForo Resource Manager to allow tagging of Resources and XenForo Media Gallery for Tagging Media.


    Being able to TAG Showcase content is controlled by the same exact kind of user group permissions that allow tagging of Threads and Resources and Media.


    There are also Node settings and Category settings for things like minimum required tags and presetting tags for content created in a specific Category. Showcase has these, so you should also make sure those settings are set to your liking.
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