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Some questions about configuring the AMS 1.x

Daniel B

New Member
I just bought the AMS system and is very satisfied with what it does out of the box!
I'm in the middle of configuring it to our needs right now, and have some questions!

We really like the features on the landing page for articles on this site. This part especially!


Is that part of the CTA FT & Portal that I've read about, or can it be configured to look like this without that addon? In case of no, is this the addon that I need to install to get be able to create a similar landing page?

The same question goes for the category sections like the image below


An finally, I've noticed that the articles here have images where the text wrap around. Is that a custom feature on this forum or something default in XF?

Maybe some questions I could figure out the answers to by myself, but being completely new to administration of XF, I thought it'd be better to just ask!



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