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Survivor not showing weeks/nothing happening when selecting Manage Your Picks


New Member
I just created a Survivor Pool for the NFL season but none of the weeks/games are populating the pool. I've never done a Survivor pool so I'm not totally sure if it should be acting the same way as other pickem pools. Selecting Manage Your Picks also doesn't do anything. Thoughts?
Survivor Pools don't look (nor work) anything like pickem pools. You only see the current week (and can access any previous weeks that have already been completed), so right now, you would only see week 1 (and only if Week 1 has started). Check the week 1 Start Date for the Season the Survivor Pool is associated with.

Also, is there at least 1 active user that has joined the pool?

If you'd like, I can log into your site and check things out to make sure everything is configured properly. Survivor is pretty picky when it comes to making sure the week dates are set correctly.
Just make sure the next week's start date is always after the previous weeks lock date (24-48 hours recommended). Example, for NFL, I do my week start dates on Wed morning (which is what the NFL does as well) and the Lock Date the start of the Sunday Night Football game.

Week 1: Start Date (when I create the season) - Lock Date (Sunday Night game kickoff time)
Week 2: Start Date (Wed Morning) - Lock Date (Sunday Night game kickoff time)
Week 3: Start Date (Wed Morning) - Lock Date (Sunday Night game kickoff time)

Hope that makes sense?