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sports cash


How can i get sports cash amounts for each user to display in the user information sidebar block

I presume by adding code the in the sidebar_visitor panel template maybe


If you look at that file, you can see how I did the member card which is pretty much the same think you want to do.
a while since i asked this but just revisited it

I have put the code into the file but nothing shows

case 'sidebar_visitor_panel_stats':

whats wrong
What version are you running? I no longer use template hooks as that entire system has been depreciated by core XF. Also, XI templates went away A LONG time ago.
ahah ok lol.. Im using version sportsbook 1.2.o and xenforo 1.2.4

how will i do this now with the changes ?

is there any further sportsbook update as i need to redo my licence
I believe that 1.2.0 is still using hooks, so change the xi to nflj (since I changed all the template prefixes to nflj_ that MIGHT work.

yes, 1.3.0 was just released, its BETA, but sold (I will push it to stable this week... maybe even today if I have time).