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Implemented Sort Order and Type Filtering functionality


Staff member
Sportsbook book now has the ability to "Sort" and "Filter" similar to Showcase and the xf Resource Manager.

Main Landing Page Sorting: Newest Action, Latest Updates, Top Action, Handle, Paid Out and Title
Main Landing Page Filtering: Any, Open, Closed, Awaiting, Settled.

So now you can easily sort by the Top Paid out Settled Events.

The Main Landing Page contains ALL "visible" events in the system that are not in "Pending or Abandoned" Status.

Category Pages are just like the Main Landing, cept they only contain events without that Category hierarchy.

The Bookie CP also has its own Sort and Filter specific to a Bookies Needs. For example, it has the bookies Pending Events, so there is a filter for displaying only "Pending" events.

The "My Wagers" also now comes with its own Sort and Filter.

My Wagers sorting: Newest Wagers, Amount Placed and Amount Won
My Wagers filtering: Any, Open, Closed, Awaiting, Settled, Win and Loss

So you can now quickly filter by Win and Amount Won if you want to.
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