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Fixed Soft deleted Series Titles Display on Articles for all users.

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XenForo Version String: XenForo 2.2.10 Patch 1

Addon Version String: AMS 2.2.20 (Version ID: 2020770)

Stack Trace: N/A

Can you reproduce it here? No

I soft deleted a series but still when I view the articles that are contained in this series the series information persists as if the series still existed.
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I've updated your post with the required bug report information (see Requirements for posting bugs)

I've made a few tweaks that should prevent series related data from being viewed if the viewing user does not have the appropriate permissions to view soft deleted series.

In this shot, the member "Admin" is viewing an article that is associated with a Series. The Series has been Soft Deleted, however, the Article is still associated with the Series and the Viewing User has permission to view Deleted Series, so series related data is still going to display for this user (as designed).


In this shot, the viewing user does not have the Moderator Permission to view Deleted Series, so they will NOT see any Series related elements on any articles associated with that soft deleted series. Arrows are pointing to spots where series data is normally displayed (as well as the next and previous links below the article).


Also, if the Owner of the Article (to include Contributors) does not have permission to view soft deleted series (they shouldn't unless they are Moderators), they will still be able to remove the article from the series via the link in the More options dropdown. They won't however be able to ADD any of their articles to a soft deleted series.
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