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Resolved ShowCase - Import from another board?

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by BT012SS, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. BT012SS

    BT012SS Active Member AMS Premium Showcase Pickem

    Hi Bob,

    because of a migration one board with an existing one, I need to transfer the files.

    Is there any way, to use the import function like for the gallery or resources?
    Or another way to import the files?

    Best regards,
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Those importers are specific for those addons. You could have one developed that would be similar to how those work or maybe contact @mysiteguy as he might be able to help you (he's a professional that can handle just about anything you throw at him).

    Is there a reason why you can't do the opposite and import the other site into the site that has showcase installed?
  3. BT012SS

    BT012SS Active Member AMS Premium Showcase Pickem

    Thank, I'll get in touch with him.

    Yes! Because of several "dead files" and "file structures" (I hope, you get what I am trying to say), both boards gsx-r1000.de and gsx-s1000.de had reached a critical overall folder size. To clean the mess up, which was caused by me and Karl, I've migrated both boards in a complete new one. This did the trick.

    I've once asked, if there is a tool for XenForo to clean up, like the tools from phpBB, but XenForo did not care.
    Bob likes this.
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Ah, I understand :) Ya, your best option would be Ken aka @mysiteguy
  5. BT012SS

    BT012SS Active Member AMS Premium Showcase Pickem

    Already wrote him, thank you! :cool::)
    Bob likes this.
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