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Showcase Need import from IPS


I currently use IPS and are looking at moving to Xenforo. I have a section using the IPS Pages capability that I would need to be imported into Showcase. There are 1500 records each with extra fields and images which along with record view numbers etc that would need to be imported into a Showcase instance.

If anyone is capable of doing this, for a price, please let me know.

The IPS pages section on my site is called Aircraft and located at:

Is this something you could do Bob?
Is this something you could do Bob?
Its not that I can't, its that I simply do not have the available time. Work and Family is dominating my time to work on XF stuff lately. The little time that I do have available is dedicated to provided Support and on going maintenance of my addons.

Have you talked to Ken aka @mysiteguy (same username at XenForo support site). He might already have a solution as he does quite a bit of custom imports for clients :)