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Implemented Show a log of own wagers placed on an event when clicking on "Place Wager"


Let's say that there is an event "Team A vs Team B".

Let's say that last week I placed a wager for "Team A" and today I don't remember about that so I go to the event again and click on "Place Wager" now on "Team B".

It would be awesome if you could display a message at the top of the overlay with something like "You have already wagered on this event. Here are the details: {data}"

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This has already been implemented in Sportsbook 2.0.

When placing a wager, there is a notice reminding you that you've already placed a wager (or multiple wagers) on an outcome. The notice includes a link to the outcome page, which is filtered to just display wagers that you've placed on the outcome.


If you've placed multiple wagers, a different phrase is used that displays the amount of wagers you have already placed.


And here you can see that when I click on the link, it takes me to the Outcome page and filters the wagers list so that only my wagers are displayed.