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Implemented Ability to stick an event

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This has been implemented and works similar to sticky threads.

Sticky Events will display at the top of the Events Listing on Sportsbook Home and Sportsbook Category pages (only on page 1 of the listing, which is how sticky threads work).



STYLING: Sticky events are wrapped in their own container wrapper with the same class that sticky threads are wrapped in (structItemContainer-group structItemContainer-group--sticky). This means that if you've applied changes to those classes to make sticky threads stand out, those will apply to sticky events as well.

This is permissions driven. If the viewing user has the Moderator permission to Stick / Unstick events, then in the More options dropdown on an event page, they will see "Stick event" OR "Unstick event". This event is a sticky event, so the moderator will see "Unstick event".

You can also manage sticky events via inline moderation.