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Resolved Share Article on Twitter


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Hello, when i share an article on twitter using the share block i almost never get a twitter card. I have to add a picture manually to the tweet instead to get the Twitter card directly displayed.

Most of times i have to create the tweet like this

Capture web_26-9-2022_19413_twitter.com.jpeg

Instead to get automatically this

Capture web_26-9-2022_19439_twitter.com.jpeg

What am i missing ?
Thanks !
Also, SOMETIMES (not all the time, but sometimes) when you share a tweet, only the TEXT will displayed, HOWEVER, if you hard refresh, that busts the cache and the large image will display (happens to me from time to time).

Also, keep in mind, this is a CORE XF function and uses core XF Share Macros. AMS does not control this in any way shape or forum. AMS only passes data into the Core XF Macros.

Twitter also decides whether the image is large enough to display the "Large" twitter card. If the Cover Image for the article is not large enough, then Twitter (and Facebook) will reject it and try to find an image that does meet their requirements and if not, then it will present the share in the smaller twitter card that uses a thumbnail size image instead.
Just saw your tweet from one of my article and it's all good... o_O
Weird i can't get the same result.