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Setup Table Input/Custom Field


New Member
I'm looking to create a custom field which would essentially associate three pieces of data,

Was looking to create a input file that would display 3 boxes horizontally like the image below, with the option to add another line dynamically by clicking a button similar to poll options.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.06.21 PM.png
Im not sure I fully understand what you are wanting to do (both from backend functionality and frontend functionality). Could you explain in a bit more detail along with separating BACKEND (field create) and FRONTEND (user input) functions?
Essentially I am looking to use Showcase as a sort of database to list products. As such, I'd like to store the variations of a single product within a table in the general info tab.

Front End would display something similar to this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.48.56 PM.png

The key is that the Var-1, SKU-1, Pri-1 need to be all related and displayed together

On the back-end was thinking similar to the screenshot above, with the button allowing you to add additional rows i.e Var-3, Var-4, etc.
I was hoping that you might be able to pull it off via "Self Placement" fields, but I just don't see that being possible without a lot of customization still required (some rather tricky complex templating using custom field helpers & phpCallbacks and IMO, if you are going to be doing any programming, it would be better off to extend the Showcase Item itself vs messing around with custom fields).

If you are not sure what Self Placement fields are, when you create a field, you can set a display location, one of the locations is "Self Placement" which means the system won't automatically display it somewhere, it will only display if you edit a template and call it with a custom field helper).
Yeah somewhat figured that it would likely be an extension of Showcase. Especially that way we aren't Frankenstein the add-on and better meeting the needs. Would you be able to provide an estimate for such work? Or recommend any developers? Can take this conversation to PM as well if you'd like some additional details on what we're trying to do.