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Server Errors

Discussion in 'Pickem Support' started by majesty95, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. majesty95

    majesty95 New Member Pickem Sportsbook

    @Bob B I'm getting a ton of sever errors from the pickem game.

    Undefined index: pickem_pool_id
    Date - Path/Visitor.php:651

    What is causing this and how do I fix it? I've got 111 of them...
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    That stems from an older version of pickem and comes from giving GUESTS the ability to view pickem (which makes no sense, since GUESTS can't join pools, so they can't view anything). Simply disable guests user group from VIEW or upgrade to the latest version.
    majesty95 likes this.
  3. majesty95

    majesty95 New Member Pickem Sportsbook

    Do I lose anything if I upgrade (meaning do I have to backup and reinstall anything) or is it seamless?
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    you should always backup in case you need to rollback, but no, you won't "lose" any data. You MIGHT have to reapply any template modifications you've made tho. These are less probably with the newest versions of XF with the template merging system however.
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