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Fixed Series still display articles which are in a private category

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I created some articles, put them into series. Later I decided to make the category they are in private. And people on the series page still see the articles listed.

If you click on the articles, it then generates an error saying that we have no permission but the articles shouldn't be displayed in first place.

Definitely a "View" permission bug of some kind. They should not be able to be viewed if the viewing user can't view the category that the articles are in. My guess is that the canView() permission for the Series Part Entity is simply not also checking the canView permission for the Article itself (which would be an easy fix).
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@sbj can you confirm if you are still able to reproduce this? If so, I might need to make some major adjustments in AMS 2.2.x
Yes, I can confirm it. Tested it yesterday on live and today on localhost with the latest 2.1.14 version.
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