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Implemented Reviews - Edit Silently, Clear last edit information, display Last edited date


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented the ability to Edit Silently, Clear last edit information and display Last edited date on the review.

This works just like it does for comments (which is the same as it is for discussion thread posts).

Moderators will see the Edit silently option which includes the sub option of clearing the last edit information.


When a review has been edited (past the edit logging grace period), it will display one of two notes, depending on whether it was edited by a moderator or whether the content author edit it (both examples can be seen below. Again, this works just like it does for comments and posts.

Selection_929 (1).png

And here I've cleared the last edit information from the first review and I've edited (as a moderator) the 2nd review, so it changes the note to reflect that a moderator edited it.
Selection_931 (1).png
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