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Question on bookie

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Support' started by Kira86, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Kira86

    Kira86 New Member Sportsbook

    Lets say i have a member in charge of all the betting in the board, and I want him to be like the central bank or something, which means whenever the bets are won, credits will be credited to his account, and when the bets are lost, credits are deducted from his account, is it possible ?
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    There is a Sportsbook Option named "Pay Bookies stakes from losing wagers" that you can enable. When enabled, bookies will bank all stakes from wagers placed on outcomes that do not pay out. This does not include outcomes that were pushed or wagers placed on any outcomes by the owner of the event.


    As for the Deducting from the bookies, that just isn't happening anytime soon (and most likely not at all). You can read through this thread about it: Partially Implemented - Bookies bank all stakes from wagers placed on outcomes that do not pay out.
  3. Kira86

    Kira86 New Member Sportsbook

    Thanks for the reply @Bob .
    so if the system doesnt pay the bookie, where does the credit goes ?
    I'm currently using BD bank, or is there any other alt that i can use ?
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    This addon is NOT about the BOOKIE. There are a lot of system accounting things that you just don't need to be concerned with because they don't apply to the addon.

    This is all you really need to know.

    When Member "A" places a Wager on an Outcome, that amount (called a "Stake") is deducted from their account at that point. That stake value amount is stored as part of the wager record for accounting purposes.

    When the Event is settled:

    If the Outcome that Member A placed a wager on "Pays Out", the "SYSTEM" (which has UNLIMITED RESERVES for this accounting purpose) will return the Stake amount plus the Winnings to Member A.

    If the Outcome that Member A placed a wager on does NOT pay out AND you have the option set to Pay the Bookie any stakes from outcomes that don't pay out, the "SYSTEM" will pay the Bookie all the stakes from that outcome. If you don't have the option set, the bookie gets nothing.

    That is it. Nothing more, Nothing less. Sportsbook is not about the Bookie, however, there is a nice feature that does REWARD your bookies by them getting all the stakes when outcomes do not payout. This was added as an incentive to reward Members for Creating Events.

    As for Cash systems, I use my own, so I don't have an opinion on any of the others. I've tested [bd] bank several years ago and it worked OK. I do know that Dragon Byte Credits has some built in Sportsbook functionality, what it IS tho, I don't know (you'd need to ask them).
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