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Resolved Question about Title and meta


Is is a question, not a critique:

Why you have a meta description, but no title?

Sometimes my texts needs something like


as title.

But for my master of clicks i would go down on my knees and write a sentence with 65 chars and the hope to make it in the best possible way for the right clicks.
Why you have a meta description, but no title?
Personal Preference to follow Core XF Standards (Threads, Resources, Media etc), all of them use the TITLE of the content as the Meta Title (and OG: Title).

This can be customized pretty easy tho (if you know what you are doing). You'd just need to add an additional field to the article table 'meta_title' to store the meta title, then you'd edit the article_view template and then add some code to set a var for $metaTitle (so that it would set either the meta title if one existed or set the actual title of the article (the code on how to do that is already there as I am doing that already for the description).

I have no plans to add a 'meta_title', so its something you'll need to pursue on your own.
As usual the custom fields are there (left joined) at the detail pages, but not in the list views, is this correct?
Then the meta could be done also with a custom field here.
Custom Article Fields DATA is exposed everywhere the Article Entity is exposed, so yes, Custom Article Fields data is exposed with the Article Entity for each article on listing pages.

As for the display of custom article fields on LISTING pages (AMS Index, AMS Category pages etc), that is OPTIONAL on a per custom field basis.

On the Custom Article Field ADD and EDIT forms, there is a General option section. This section contains an option that allows you to display the custom field on LISTING pages (as circled below).


And here you can see on AMS Index (with List View Layout type), the Custom Article Field "Fav colors" is displayed for any articles that have that custom article field set.


Here you can see it on Grid View layout.....


Here you can see it on Article View layout...

Cool! You did it!
Just for die nod stupid, is this a good idea on a larger site to leftjoin in thread view?

But i will do a small add-on now, just to know that i can do it.
If you want i will send it later as an homage to your grandness of being father of all this here.
(And i have not searched for the used words in my sentence, if they don't exist, please fill them with love and light and happiness)
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