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Question about a setting

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Support' started by imthebest, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. imthebest

    imthebest Member Showcase Sportsbook


    Members have the ability to configure this setting at their alert preferences: "Bookie payment from losing wagers placed on an event".

    The question is: will that work even when the "Pay Bookies stakes from losing wagers" ACP setting is disabled?

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    That is NOT a "Setting", its an Alert Preference!

    Alert Preferences are ON/OFF switches use to prevent the viewing user from receiving alerts that they do not want to receive.

    If a user doesn't want to be alerted for certain actions, they can use the alert preferences to disable those specific alerts.

    Disabling Functionality in any given Addon doesn't remove alert preferences, eg, disabling commenting in Sportsbook doesn't remove the alert preferences for comments. ALL alert preferences for a given addon will always be visible to the viewing user.
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