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Question about "Maximum wagers per outcome" and "Limit wagers to single outcome only"



What are the suggested default values for the following settings:

Maximum wagers per outcome
Limit wagers to single outcome only

I mean, on real (physical money and laws involved) sportsbook systems, what are the usual values for those settings? It is not that I'm planning to make real business with Sportsbook but I just want to make it as real as possible.

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The suggested default for those is what they are already set to (0 for unlimited wagers per outcome and unchecked so they can place wagers on more than 1 outcome).

Those options are available when/if you need to use them. There are a ton of them in Sportsbook (Event Limitations, Permissions Limitations and Outcome Limitations set by the Bookie).

Just HAVING them available makes it more like Vegas as Bookies may or may not take wagers from certain people, for certain amounts etc etc etc.