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Fixed Possible bug or template miss configuration: Article Cover Image is not Centralized

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XenForo Version String: XenForo 2.1.4
Addon Version String: AMS 2.1.12

As you Bob can see in this example:


Don't mind the language, is just a image to show to you how the cover images for articles are not centralized in the page.

I'm going to upgrade to the last AMS to see if solves this situation.

The steps to reproduce is simple: paste the image, set on the cover option and go for publishing.

For as i remember, all the images that i use is centralized in the article as cover.

Thank you.
When reporting bugs, you must be able to reproduce them on the Core XF Default Style (an unedited version). The screen shot you posted is not the Core XF Default Style, so can you please update your post and include screen shots from the Core XF Default Style (this is the same policy as XenForo has for reporting bugs).

Also, when reporting issues that are layout related, you need to include what OS (operating system) and Web Browser you are having the issue(s) on. If you can reproduce the issue(s) in multiple OS and or Multiple Browsers, that information is needed as well.

IIRC, someone reported something similar to this awhile back and it was a Microsoft Browser issue (can't recall if it was IE or Edge).
Ops, sorry Bob, my mistake.

Take this print with the default style:


And sorry about so many banners. This COVID-19 situation drove my revenue to the floor, dropping more than 95% per month. I'm in a point of going for bankruptcy if this situation go on.

So, I'm using Firefox 78.0.2 (64-bits) in Windows 10 Pro with the latest updates. The Edge from Microsoft is having the same issue too.

Basically, is just a question of alignment in my humble opinion.
Im pretty sure its supposed to be CENTERED, so some kind of recent bug. Thank you for the update :)
This has been resolved in the next maintenance release (AMS 2.1.14)
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